As a top producing realtor and busy mom, I know how hard the real estate business can be. When I started my real estate career in Chicago we had just moved here for my husband’s job and I knew nothing about real estate or Chicago, yet I was able to quickly grow my real estate business and, within 4 years, was averaging $30M a year in transactions.  I did it through hard work, smart systems, and unique lead generation strategies, which I’m happy to share with you.  I offer personalized one-on-one coaching tailored to your exact needs.  As a practicing realtor, I’m in the trenches every day just like you, therefore, I share practical tips as well as my templates, systems and forms which you can implement from Day 1 to grow and streamline your business. 

Pricing is as follows:

1.  Weekly 45 minute private coaching sessions via phone:  $500 per month OR

2.  Unlimited coaching sessions: $750 per month.  You have unlimited access to me from 9am – 3:30pm Mon through Fri as well as emergency access nights and weekends to answer questions via text, email or phone as you go in addition to our regular 45 minute weekly coaching calls.

I ask for a 3 month minimum commitment as it takes time to implement systems, get into a rhythm, and see results. After that the program is implemented on a month to month basis. There are no long term commitments; you can start and cancel at any time.

What’s Included

Homework in between our phone calls to make sure you stay on track and reach your goals.  In addition you’ll have access to my:

  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Systems
  • How Tos
  • Marketing Materials
  • Event Materials
  • Mailings
  • Gift Program Materials
  • and more


How to Get Started

If my coaching program might be a good fit for you, please fill out my Coaching Intake Form.  It’s an in depth survey which helps me analyze your business as it asks about your challenges, goals, current production, strengths and weaknesses, lead sources, the programs you’re currently using, etc. Once the survey is filled out we’ll schedule a free 30 minute phone call to discuss the results of your survey so I custom create a program for you based on your responses and your goals as well as answer any questions you might have about how my coaching program works.  Overall, my goal is to make sure we achieve your goals.  During our call we’ll talk about which of the below topics you want to focus on or if there are other topics we need to tackle together.  If after our free 30 minute consultation you feel this is the right fit for you then we can set up your weekly conference call. Conference calls can be scheduled Mon – Fri from 9am CT to 3:30pm CT.  Payment can be made monthly via Venmo or Zelle.

Topics covered

  • Getting more clients
  • Making more money
  • Tracking expenses vs income to increase profitability
  • Create a “concierge style” program to service clients
  • Setting up a CRM
  • Setting up a Transaction Management program
  • Setting up systems to increase efficiency
  • Creating a client gift program
  • Creating a client appreciation event program
  • Effective mailings
  • Wowing buyers and earning their referrals
  • Getting more listings
  • Getting listings to sell in a tough market
  • Protecting your clients and yourself from cyber fraud
  • Hiring your first assistant
  • Building a team
  • Time management
  • Creating work life balance
  • Selling your real estate business
  • Starting a real estate business in a new city
  • Your first year as a new realtor


We can pick a few of the above or work on all of the above in addition to anything else you’d like to work on.

Contact me today to discuss your needs and set up a coaching program so we can grow your business together!